Other Services

Copy, Fax, and Notary

Copy: $0.20 per sheet

Fax: $1 per sheet

Notary: $2 per stamp, available during regular business hours

UPS Drop-off

As long as the UPS package already has a label, you can drop it off here!

Pickup is usually 4pm weekdays.

Note: we can’t print labels or scan QR codes, so to save a trip to the other side of Gainesville, make sure you pick the right UPS delivery option!

We can flavor your child’s liquid medicine so that it tastes good (even if you didn’t buy it from Lula Pharmacy!)

Your child’s medicine won’t work if you can’t get them to take it. We turn yucky into yummy!

Medication Packaging

B-12 Injections

We can administer B-12 shots, if the prescriber has included on the prescription “Pharmacy to administer.”

Hard-to-find OTC Medications

Ear candles, Essential Oils, and other more! Ask about our OTCs that aren’t available at other chain stores. We can also special-order items upon request and they’ll be here the next business day!

Need help finding a Medicare Part D plan?

We can help you compare different Medicare Part-D plans to suit your specific needs.


Tired of making numerous trips to the pharmacy because your prescriptions ran out at different times? Ask how we can help!