Medication Packaging

Medication Packaging can make your life a lot easier!  

We take your medications and put them in a pack that separates them out by day and by time of day.  

Each pack has a med list at the top.

Also, each small bubble lists all the meds in that particular bubble.  

The “bubbles” can be separated and  pulled apart if you need to travel.


Never wonder if you took all of your meds again – have them packed!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it right for me?  

This will make it easier to remember your meds if you take multiple meds per day at multiple times and have been regularly on the same meds at least for several months.

What if most of my meds are the same, but a few keep changing?  

No problem! We can pack the ones that stay the same and give you the med keeps changing in a regular prescription bottle. If it becomes a stable med, we’ll start including it in the pack.

What about “as needed” medications?

Any “As Needed” meds are not packed – that way you can take them only when you need them.

What’s the cost?

The cost is $25 per month.  This includes ONE repack if the physician changes your medications.  There is an additional fee if we have to repack more than once per month.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for keeping all of your doctor/healthcare provider appointments. We will send refill requests on your behalf.  If, however, the provider does not authorize your refills in time for us to pack your meds, that med will not be included in the package.  It may be necessary for you to also request refills if the doctor does not approve them at the pharmacy’s request.

How do I begin?

Just click the link below to begin!