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Hunters are you ranger ready ?!

Ranger ready is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE bug repellent! it has PICARIDIN in it instead of DEET ! It also lasts for 12 hours!

What is PICARIDIN ?: Picaridin is the world’s leading DEET alternative, providing equal protection from ticks and mosquito’s without carrying any of the same health concerns that have caused several countries to ban DEET outright in certain concentrations. It’s safe for the entire family and won’t damage your camping gear. So don’t miss out on this great product !


Health Care Tips

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set

e cloth picture

We have e-cloth home cleaning sets as shown in Real Simple Magazine as “Best Microfiber Cloth’s”.

This machine washable set is the only one that offers eight color-coded cloths in various textures to give the best results on different surfaces.

E-cloths have 1.6 million fibers per square inch (480,000 fibres per cm2). By combining e-cloth’s unique technology with water, they beak up and hold grease, grime,dirt and bacteria, which normal cloths leave behind.(Removes over 99% of bacteria).

Come to Lula Pharmacy and pick up your pack today for the best cleaning results that will save you money over the long term and help save the environment! Cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your health. Using e-cloth’s with just water can reduce health risks to your family, especially those who may suffer from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. . Priced to sell at ONLY¬†$39.99