Health Care Tips

Bring Your Easter Basket and Lawn Chair!

Make sure to join Assembly of Praise for a day full of fun there will be Snow cones, cotton candy, and popcorn for a $1.00 . They are also selling desserts as a fundraiser for the children ministry, those are also a $1.00. The BBQ is smoked and you also get a bun, baked beans, slaw, chips, and a drink. Make sure to order your ticket for the BBQ ahead of time ! Tickets are also available here. Make sure to come get them before we run out !

Health Care Tips

questions or refills made easy

Sometimes life can get hectic. So we made it a little easier by being able to ask your questions or to even fill your prescriptions by texting us! It’s simple all you have to do is text us at 770-869-3616, and when we get it we can easily reply to your questions or we can fill a prescription without you having to call or come in!

Health Care Tips

Hunters are you ranger ready ?!

Ranger ready is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE bug repellent! it has PICARIDIN in it instead of DEET ! It also lasts for 12 hours!

What is PICARIDIN ?: Picaridin is the world’s leading DEET alternative, providing equal protection from ticks and mosquito’s without carrying any of the same health concerns that have caused several countries to ban DEET outright in certain concentrations. It’s safe for the entire family and won’t damage your camping gear. So don’t miss out on this great product !