Health Care Tips

Rise and Shine !

Felling like you can’t wake up in the mornings or don’t have much energy through out the day? Well no worries there are a few things that will help with that!

  1. First would be checking with your doctor and making sure all your vitamin levels are good !
  2. Keep your alarm out of reach so when it goes off you have to get up.
  3. Sleeping earlier.
  4. If you drink coffee then you can add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil or butter.
  5. Exercising in the mornings.
  6. Eating healthy.
  7. Using citrus essential oils or peppermint and eucalyptus in a diffuser .
  8. Listening to upbeat music.
  9. Eating bananas.
Health Care Tips

Get comfort with Dr.Comfort Shoes

We have diabetic shoes here! Make sure to ask your doctor about them and see if you’re qualified. Here are some things that may qualify you.

  • If you have diabetes AND think you may have other foot issues.(insurance won’t cover if you don’t have diabetes.)
  • Your doctor has to do a foot exam.
  • The doctor MUST document in the exam office exam notes if you have poor circulation, foot deformity,peripheral nephropathy with evidence of callous formation,history of pre-ulcerative callus history of previous foot ulceration, history of partial or complete amputation on the foot.**if you do not have any of the above foot issues, your insurance company will not cover the diabetic shoes**
  • Bring your prescription, your insurance card(s) and a copy of the office notes to Lula Pharmacy.

Once you have done all of the above the pharmacy will call your insurance. Once everything is done they will set up your first appointment which will be a full foot exam. In the second appointment they will make sure the shoe fits good and your foot doesn’t slide back and forth. Once that is all done you can enjoy your shoes!

Plus, you don’t have to have diabetes to purchase them.  If you just want a pair of great-looking really, really comfortable shoes, you can just buy them!  Check them out today!

Health Care Tips

questions or refills made easy

Sometimes life can get hectic. So we made it a little easier by being able to ask your questions or to even fill your prescriptions by texting us! It’s simple all you have to do is text us at 770-869-3616, and when we get it we can easily reply to your questions or we can fill a prescription without you having to call or come in!

Health Care Tips

Hunters are you ranger ready ?!

Ranger ready is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE bug repellent! it has PICARIDIN in it instead of DEET ! It also lasts for 12 hours!

What is PICARIDIN ?: Picaridin is the world’s leading DEET alternative, providing equal protection from ticks and mosquito’s without carrying any of the same health concerns that have caused several countries to ban DEET outright in certain concentrations. It’s safe for the entire family and won’t damage your camping gear. So don’t miss out on this great product !